List of all ATMs
Address WaymarkCity/District
1 Sino st 48Cafe "Merve" ( Profsoyuz)Dushanbe city
2Mirzo Tursunzoda st. 45near the Trade Center "Paitaht"Dushanbe city
3Ayni st. 57near the supermarket "Paikar" next to the "Hilton"Dushanbe city
4Dehi Bolo st. 180in front of the market "SHOMU SUHAR"Dushanbe city
5Rudaki avenue 92сafe " Merve"Dushanbe city
6Rudaki avenue 121near S. Aini Pedagogical UniversityDushanbe city
7Ispechak st. 2 M-10 near the Trade Center BI-1, in front of the Mosque named after Mir Said Aliya HamadoniDushanbe city
8N.Karabaev 120/1 stnear Trade Center BI-1, 46 microregionDushanbe city
9L.Sherali st. 18 near the Trade Center BI-1 (former Mayakovsky street)Dushanbe city
10Borbad 108/2 st. near Trade Center "Mardon"Dushanbe city
11Rudaki avenue 93/1 near Trade Center BI-1, Vodonasos streetDushanbe city
12Gafurov st. 44/1 anear Trade Center BI-1 , 104 microregionDushanbe city
13Rudaki avenue 1/31At the intersection of roads, near the railway stationDushanbe city
14Borbad st. 165 near the branch of "Commersbonk Tajikistan"Dushanbe city
15N. Karabaev st. 92/1near Trade Center "Farangis" SakhovatDushanbe city
16N.Maqsum 103 streetDistrict 82Dushanbe city
17Zerafshan street M4 building 4near the market "Zarafshan"Dushanbe city
18Rudaki 30 avenue near the Opera and Ballet TheaterDushanbe city
19Sino st 29/1Karabolo HospitalDushanbe city
20N. Karabaev 5 st " Volna " shop (Circus)Dushanbe city